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Management liability

We offer customised management liability tailored to suit the particular needs of your client’s business, whether it’s a private company, hospitality entity, association or not-for-profit organisation.

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Key policy features

  • Advancement of defence costs
  • Cover for investigations and disciplinary proceedings
  • 12 months extended reporting period
  • 72 months run-off cover for retired directors
  • Cover for not-for-profit outside directorships
  • Run-off cover for covered outside directorships
  • Run-off cover for subsidiaries
  • Pollution defence costs*
  • Spousal liability
  • Estates and legal representatives
  • Cover for subsidiaries
  • Occupational health & safety defence costs*
  • Continuity of cover
  • Statutory liability*

Optional extensions

  • Employment practices liability entity cover*
  • Cover for for-profit outside directorships
  • Reinstatement of limit for non-executives*
  • Worldwide jurisdiction, including USA
  • Civil fines and penalties*
  • Securities entity cover
  • Fidelity cover*

* Sub-limited